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So – What Rhymes With Brainfart?

Our living room was filled with those unmistakable giggle fits that you’d have with your barkada.

By Rio Lim

You know those times where you catch yourself thinking too much about those guys that make huts on YouTube? That’s a brainfart. You realize that you’re a milk-before-cereal kind-of-person? Brainfart. Whispered I bet I’m the only one who ever thought of this to yourself??? BRAINFART.

This is the appeal of the Brainfarts Podcast—a show that makes you feel like you’re not alone and a place that reminds you that it’s super fun to deep dive on any niggling thought or to go off on a tangent with a friend.

I first heard of Brainfarts through my housemate, Neil. I remember how excited he was when he talked about this show that a friend recommended to him on Spotify. He said listening to them made time at the office much more enjoyable. It was like these girls reminded him of friends he knew before. I was busy with work then, but I told him I was interested. Neil blasted one of their episodes through his speakers. In those critical few seconds where you decide if you like something or not, what really stood out to me was Lyss and Zarah’s laughter. Our living room was filled with those unmistakable giggle fits that you’d have with your barkada. Neil was right. They were having a great time and I felt like I was part of it.

They were having a great time and I felt like I was part of it.

A couple of months later, through some magical serendipity, we were interviewing Lyss and Zarah on our very own podcast. Crazy, right? Anyway, what was crazier was that it was a three-hour (or more) conversation. To put it simply, it was delightfully chaotic. No one even realized we’ve been talking and laughing for that long. To make it better, we were all wearing our best glam makeup. I guess that’s just a testament to how Lyss and Zarah are. They’re genuinely sweet and they love talking to people. At one point, we even gave them our own Tambag Or Nayabag questions.

Zarah and Lyss

For the uninitiated, Tambag or Nayabag is a segment on their show where listeners can send in their problems so Lyss and Zar can give their advice a la Papa Joe. I love this segment because sometimes you get to listen to entries that either make Lyss and Zarah straight up cringe, burst out laughing, or have them scratching their heads. To their credit though, these ladies can dish out some solid advice. 

According to the duo, Brainfarts Podcast is an extension of their virtual hang outs with the rest of their high school barkada. Currently, Zarah is based in Qatar and Lyss is in Cebu. But unlike most friends that call each other ever so often, Lyss and Zarah joined forces to bring their shared enjoyment of podcasts and dared to do something more. Even though Lyss and Zarah may proclaim themselves to be the champions of going off-topic, they make a point to bring in guests that can shed light on useful and important subjects for young adults. They’ve covered topics like relationship red flags, mental health awareness, and not going broke in your 20s. The more episodes I went through, the more I admired how they’re doing this so they can learn along with their listeners. They’re only on their second season and I’m sure they’ve got a lot more in store.

These ladies can dish out some solid advice.

There’s a joke I heard that goes: “It’s either we come out of this pandemic with a podcast or an OnlyFans account.” It’s a good thing that Lyss and Zar chose to make a podcast. Personally speaking, they’re partly the reason why we made our own.

BRAINFARTS recording with The Love Club and Serial Knitter PH

But even if podcasting is out of the question for you, just tuning in to their show every week will make you feel like you’re in great company. It’s silly, insightful, and something you’d share with your closest friends—like a brainfart!

Just recently, BRAINFARTS Podcast talked to some of the people of Team Love Club. You can listen to more of their episodes on Spotify.

Rio Lim is a creative bean and the tobacco connoisseur of Team Love Club. She hosts Sugarhouse Podcast with her housemate, Neil . When she’s not recording, she’s watching SNL videos or hanging out with her friends.

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