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Risk Taker and Norm Shaker, Serial Knitter PH

Resourcefulness and resilience are god-tier Filipino core values, right?

By Lorecelle Villaroya

If you can’t afford it, there are other ways to get it.

This is one of the lessons that we can get from Acyl, the woman behind Serial Knitter PH. Once upon a time, she stumbled across a crochet bikini while scrolling online. And just like that, she wanted to buy it. But, she couldn’t afford it. Wanna know what she did next? She made it herself instead. 

Talking about hot girl shiz, right?

What started out as a hobby turned into one of her sources of income. Acyl’s move turned out to be something booming with profitability. “I saw sellers selling crochet bikinis that were too expensive so I thought, I know how to do this. And so I did,” Acyl said. Her business scaled into more items she can turn her yarns into through its hook. To this day, Serial Knitter PH is up and is serving you anything yarn-made.

It’s both inspiring and eye-opening to see instances like this: people making opportunities when there seems to be none. Because unlike what she had in mind, I think some people fail to realize how there are more things we can do beyond our imagination. Acyl knew she could do a crochet bikini on her own and so she did. So, I think all you have to know is that you are capable, too.

I saw sellers selling crochet bikinis that were too expensive so I thought, I know how to do this so I did.

If you want to paint but you are afraid of wasting expensive art materials, then try looking for scrap materials at home. Resources are everywhere and all it takes for you to turn anything into something is creativity so find it. When you want something, nothing is wasted. Let money not get in the way. Besides, resourcefulness and resilience are god-tier Filipino core values, right?

Oftentimes, we limit ourselves and cage our capabilities inside our little bubble of comfort. But trying some new things is way better than staying inside the cage and doing the same old things you’re accustomed to. As for Acyl, her cousins told her to turn her hobby into something that can bring her profit, so she started making more. She now makes crochet earrings, blankets, pouches, and a whole lot more. You can even commission her to make the things you’ve always wanted to own!

She’s capable and she knows it. And that’s just queen things right there!
Just like any other businesses and things, Serial Knitter PH has evident competitors, too. In fact, you can see a handful of them on TikTok—making their own crochet knickknacks. So when asked about the aspects that made her business different, she said, “I can’t say that there is a difference between the items I make from everyone else’s, because there are a lot of crocheters/knitters out there who do what I do.”

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Here’s something to ponder on: we often overthink about competitors and belittle most of the things we make. We are afraid of launching something because there are far greater things than us. But we fail to realize they all started somewhere, too. You’re just in the stepping stone yet while they’re already jumping into peak after peak.

But I have to say, there is something unique and Serial Knitter-ish about Acyl’s brand. Beyond the products that she puts out in the open just like the others, it’s Acyl’s branding that adds the magic touch, and where Serial Knitter PH stands out. 

She’s capable and she knows it. And that’s just queen things right there

Most businesses who sell knitted items focus on one item alone—something that they perhaps consider they’re best at. But for Acyl, making a lot of crochet things is the way to go! As long as she has the pattern that it takes to make them, she’s all for inclusivity and maximizing capabilities. One thing I know about starters is that they wish to be a jack of all trades. And although some experts don’t think it’s wise to be such, I highly think otherwise. I think it is great to be good at a variety of things so that you can be proactive in times of need. And I think it is great to be more than just what was expected from you.

So reader, you might want to try creating first before you purchase. You’ll never know, maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent! Or, you’ll have fun making something that’s straight from your imagination! Besides, in most cases, producing is waaaaay better than buying. Your wallet will thank you later.

When there seems to be a closed door, there probably might be an open window for you to peek through, let the light in to, or walk out of. Find the window. And if there isn’t any, let the Serial Knitter PH lesson be reverberating in your mind. When you think all hope is gone, this is the part when you make hope happen.

Visit Serial Knitter PH on Instagram or on Facebook, and get 10% off on all items if you use our discount code: SERIAL-LOVER10.

Lorecelle Villaroya is currently studying at La Salle Academy in Mindanao. When she’s not writing or doing school work, she is probably watching Grey’s Anatomy. Again. Lorecelle is one of Team Love Club‘s main characters, and a hero to her own epic story, too! She’s also a concerned mamamayan and you can read her article on why you should vote in halalan 2022.

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