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On Canva and All Its School-Related Glory

We know this isn’t exclusive information but we’re going to say it anyway: Canva is a blessing.

By Lorecelle Villaroya

The school year has recently opened in the Philippines, and with the new modality of learning, most schools in the Philippines are now held online. There are synchronous classes where teachers often use PowerPoint Presentations and there are also asynchronous classes where professors provide reading materials for a certain period of time.

You might expect that a lot of students might be bored by them, but surprisingly most look forward to these visual presentations.  

From yours truly, I genuinely appreciate teachers who take the time to make interesting presentations. And I’m not talking about statistics or trivia that they will be discussing. I’m talking about the templates and eye-pleasing themes they’re using.

In fact, I have my biases! We had a teacher from last academic year who consistently made eye-pleasing PPTs and it just feels so good to be in his classes (not that I’m not interested in other classes)! And just this academic year, we have another teacher who does the same thing. It just gives me a genuine boost of motivation in learning because then, I have something to look forward to.

Thanks to Canva, there are opportunities for the “less” creative to look creative. Here are a couple of features students, teachers, and anyone alike, can utilize Canva for school:


Canva has a wide range of presentation templates that you can use in different subjects and projects! Hence, it is inclusive for educators and students, whatever style or vibe they want to give off.

During the new modality of learning, students and teachers are only connected through the screen. So, keeping their attention in class is much harder than it would be during face-to-face classes. But presentations may do just the trick to keep their attention– most especially when you add elements they can scrutinize. 

Let’s be honest here, everyone’s attention span has gotten shorter. But with the help of well-designed materials, it will probably be the trick.

Another use for Canva is not just convenience for easy editing but efficiency for teamwork, as well. For instance, whenever we have a quick report, Canva is our way to go. Because aside from its aesthetically pleasing templates, it allows people to edit simultaneously, too. To do this, you simply choose a template of your liking. Then, to share it with your groupmates, you just have to click share and copy the link set for edit. Send it to your group mates and ta-da! You and your friends can already edit altogether to quicken the editing process of your PPTs (and other projects you’ll make on this platform).


During one of our subjects last school year, we were tasked to make a brochure about a certain topic of our choice. And because my laptop has poor specs, it cannot hold any Adobe apps where I can possibly edit a brochure. But thanks to Canva, a complex process has now turned into an uncomplicated one!

Just like all the other materials in Canva, its brochure option has many available templates for you, as well. In fact, there are even elements that you can use from one to the other so that your output can be better than what you first saw from its template preview.

Creativity goes a long way! But through Canva, this journey can be cut short because of how it helps the “less” creative produce creative projects in a shorter time.


In different school events and even school projects, posters often come into mind. Usually this happens using cardboard before with different art materials such as crayons and paints. But now, these materials went digital and have been available through Canva.

With a myriad of choices according to its intended size, Canva offers you different palettes, font pairings, and elements that can help you make the posters you only could do when things were done face-to-face. 

As for me, I have always wanted to join poster making contests because of the concepts I have in mind. I admit, I’m just good at planning but not in executing. But because of Canva’s availability, I’m good at both now! Or so I thought, I guess? Well, I am the judge so I’d say it’s great!



For students out there who want to try applying in organizations or part time jobs, Canva has different templates for your resumes, too! If you’re just starting out, you’d probably wonder how to make yours, just like I was confused when I was starting out, too. But don’t worry! Canva has got your back.

Though a friendly tip: don’t get too creative on your resume. Try keeping it simple with no unnecessary elements. And by unnecessary elements, I mean every shape or whatever that you may think of adding. Save these elements on your portfolio instead (which, by the way, Canva has templates for too!).

Being a person who’s not “creative” enough is no longer a hindrance for you to keep creating. Because with Canva, you have every opportunity to now slay. So, visit now and enjoy in all its free (and even Pro) glory!

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Lorecelle Villaroya is currently studying at La Salle Academy in Mindanao. When she’s not writing or doing school work, she is probably watching Grey’s Anatomy. Again. Lorecelle is one of Team Love Club‘s main characters, and a hero to her own epic story, too! She’s also a concerned mamamayan and you can read her article on why you should vote in halalan 2022.

Disclaimer: This article is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Canva. We are merely sharing our thoughts about the platform, hoping that it will be useful to our readers. Canva is a trademark of Canva Pty Ltd.

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