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JMWN Design: What It Means to be A Creative

Making art is like breathing air to sustain living every day

by Lorecelle Villaroya

Creatives are called such for a reason. They have talent and a unique capability that most people don’t. But sometimes there are some people who strive to be one and try so hard that their actions will eventually revert their efforts. For others, creating is simply like living. Making art is like breathing air to sustain living every day.

The person behind JMWN Design, Pol, is among the people who perhaps went barehanded when the Higher Being showered talent to people. Maybe at that time, he didn’t bring an umbrella because he is probably one of the talented fellas who shrugs when asked about the designs he’s producing.

Well, Pol said it himself.

May be an image of text

Here’s the thing: when we talk about designing, we keep in mind the color theory and color psychology, among many other things we often consider. Things we consider greatly but  things they actually just shrug off because, well, “maliit na bagay.”

You can see on JMWN Design’s social media page that it goes by the colors white, black, and yellow. When asked about why it’s these colors that he chose, he’s better off saying “just because.” He simply chose white because he loves it, not because it radiates peace and clarity. He merely opted for black because it is what he wants, not because it symbolizes sophistication and elegance in color psychology. And he went for yellow because he recently fell in love with it, not because it is the color for happiness and positivity.

You don’t have to know color psychology to call yourself an artist

Frankly—I think that’s what creatives and aspiring creatives should do. If you’re not advertising, why conform to the norms? You don’t have to know color psychology to call yourself an artist. You don’t have to limit yourself to the implications of colors before choosing them. You don’t have to stress over yourself thinking about what your art would mean to people because art is supposedly there to serve you. So, just let it flow. Even if it doesn’t follow color psychology. Even if it doesn’t symbolize anything but what you’re currently feeling.

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We not only adore Pol for his authenticity, but we also respect his entire character and for sure he became one of the people we look up to. He taught us to ignite the spark within ourselves and keep creating. No one’s limiting you more than and other than yourself.

He became one of the people we look up to

He also mentioned that his spark and aspiration started when he was in school. He was drawing and doodling on the back of his notebook—something most of us are guilty of. In fact, I was doodling at the back of my notebook way back in high school, too. I kept doodling eyebrows and eyes because mine is kinda messy. As for JMWN, he mostly drew anime and cartoon characters. Despite not being so great at it (according to his standards back then), he still continued doing it. As he should. And so should you.

The JMWN Design is a product of self-reflection. It was put up just last year to try earning from home: making logos, editing photos, and designing cards.  It didn’t pay as much but it was a great way to learn and experiment with his style.

May be a cartoon

We don’t have to be great at all that we do. We only have to enjoy them. Because what matters most is what we feel towards it, not what society will console you from it. And most importantly, money and profitability are not a guarantee nor a confirmation of how great of a creative you are. So again, just keep creating. With the right network and the right attitude towards your work, money will follow.

I’d like to add that if there’s one thing very unique about the pub mats produced by JMWN Designs, it is that it is not loud. It is simple and minimalistic. It’s not too much but it’s not insufficient as well. And probably you’d think that’s because he wanted to keep things simple. For some folks, it might look lazy, but you know what? It works. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing can top an output that reflects the person who made them.

There are no required outputs that you should produce

Art styles don’t have to be as complex and concrete as what we can see from people who already got better with time. They were able to build on their basics because of the experience. So for you who’s still starting out, let loose. No one’s chasing after you. Give yourself time and start within yourself. Create whatever resonates with you because above all, that’s what matters. 

I hope is a reminder of what it doesn’t take to be called a creative. Because there are no standards you should meet. There are no required outputs that you should produce. You are a creative or an artist if you are creating. So, you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Most importantly, you should never invalidate yourself for the things that you do because you think it is way less than those who you look up to. 

Being in the creative world is not about competing with others so that yours would look better than theirs. Being in the creative world is about nurturing the talent you have from within so you can create something that consoles you, not something that pleases whoever. At the end of the day, art is about what the creative feels. The interpretation is just whatever the audience sees fit. So, let them interpret it however they want. For as long as it consoles you and it resonates with you, their voices don’t matter. It shouldn’t.

To learn more about Pol and JMWN Designs, you can follow him on Instagram or on Twitter.

Lorecelle Villaroya is currently studying at La Salle Academy in Mindanao. When she’s not writing or doing schoolwork, she is probably watching Grey’s Anatomy. Again. Lorecelle is one of Team Love Club‘s main characters, and a hero to her own epic story, too! She’s also a concerned mamamayan and you can read her article on why you should vote in halalan 2022.

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