Cultivating Kindness

The Love Club: Water Mission

Kindness goes a long way!

Cebu City, Saturday 1/08/2022 – TLC worked with Andre Chan and Co. Movement in distributing water in Busay area.

No description available.
Team Nivel Hills
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Team Sitio Tipolo

Team Love Club was split into two and was able to give 130 cases of water. Here are the stats:

Big thanks to our volunteers and kindness warriors: Acyl, Shainna, Neil, Rio, Mira, Ar, Chris, Danielle, Ella, Jellah, Lianne, Marvin, Ruby, Viah Terrence, and Jacque!

We hope that this will raise awareness that a lot of places STILL need help after the supertyphoon

We are grateful to everyone who donated through our channels. You have made a big difference!

No description available.

Andre Chan and Co. Movement is a group of friends who worked together in gathering donations since the #OdettePH aftermath, and since then they have been continuously giving water to remote areas that do not have access to clean water. To learn more, you can follow Andre’s updates on his IG: @andrechance.

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